We all want to look good. No one ever says “I really want to look my worst”, unless of course they are dressing up for Halloween or deterring an unwanted admirer. It may seem superficial at first, the desire for beauty, but the team here at WITHIN BEAUTY believe that looking good is an essential component of feeling good about yourself. We want you to love the way you look, to celebrate yourself as an individual with all your beautiful quirks. The thing with us is though, we want this beauty to come from within... Let it build up and burst through the skin. We want our customers to look good and feel good, all at once! So you can feel good because you look good and look good because you feel good… I think you’ve got it! So what’s the trick? How does this all work?

Let’s talk about the gut. This is where it all starts…

It’s a gut feeling. When we know something is not quite right. We are not completely well but we are not sick enough to warrant a doctors visit… We all feel that way from time to time. What could be the source? Almost always there is a gut origin to why you are feeling off, why your skin looks dull, congested or is breaking out, why you are on the verge of getting a cold but it never really comes through, why your hormones are up and down and you think you might be going crazy, why your head feels foggy and it takes you until midday to be able to function (with coffee assistance). To put it simply, when our gut is congested, sluggish, stagnant, overloaded… that is exactly how we start to feel. We become a mirror of what is happening in the digestive tract. What is hiding and festering away in there is bringing you down people! We need to clear it out well, every day. In fact at least twice a day. We need to keep adequately hydrated, feed our good bugs and reduce the baddies, provide our gut with nourishing foods, fibres, superfoods, herbs, pre & probiotics. Keeping our gut health in top notch keeps our immune system healthy, our liver happy, our kidneys filtering well and our skin glowing and radiant.  

Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? It really doesn’t have to be once you have the right resources to get started, and a helping hand along the way. A few simple steps can have you feeling lighter, brighter, clear headed, energetic and have you well on your way to achieving beauty from within.

We believe that well informed individuals make healthier people, which makes a healthier planet. Everyone should have access to the information they need to have thriving wellbeing. That’s why we endeavour to provide the latest information combined with traditional knowledge to assist you to make informed choices of how to ignite your very own healing process from within.

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Let 2017 be your year! Let’s start from WITHIN...

By Lauren Campbell                                              

Naturopath, Skin Therapist,Yoga Teacher and Health & Wellbeing Writer

Melbourne, Australia