NUZEST Kids Good Stuff - Choc Mint 225gm

NUZEST Kids Good Stuff - Choc Mint 225gm

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Nutritional peace of mind for parents

It can be challenging to ensure that kids are getting the right balance of nutrients – especially when allergies or food intolerances get in the way. Kids Good Stuff provides children with healthy support for physical and mental development. It’s an easy way to help fill the gaps in their diets.

Because kids are what they eat!

Nutrients for growth and development; plus immune and digestive support

Good nutrition throughout childhood is important to support normal physical and mental development. The period between ages 4 and 13 is characterized by rapid growth, and cognitive and emotional development. Make sure they’re built on good stuff!

Tasty Enough for fussy eaters

So good they won’t even know it’s healthy!

Research shows that you often have to offer children a new food ten times before they’re happy to accept it. They’ll eat a balanced diet eventually; – in the meantime Kids Good Stuff provides a healthy cocktail of essential nutrients to help fill the gaps…without a fuss.

Expertly formulated for perfect balance

The right nutrients working together in synergy

Too much or too little of a single nutrient can have adverse effects. Kids Good Stuff is carefully formulated by an independent team of nutritional experts to provide the right balance of vitamins and minerals for growing kids.

Happy, healthy brains

Essential nutrients for better concentration and focus

Give them the right stuff to help support mental and emotional well-being. Kids Good Stuff provides nutrients chosen specifically to assist with learning, concentration, behaviour and overall brain development. After all healthy kids are happy kids.

Fight off germs

Supports a healthy immune system so they can tackle everything life throws at them

While they are young, children’s immune systems are exposed to a myriad of germs, viruses and bacteria. The carefully chosen vitamins and antioxidants in Kids Good Stuff help support a strong immune system. That means less time out of school with fewer nasty colds and flus.

Energy to grow, learn and play

The right balance of B Vitamins to keep your kids alert and responsive

Say goodbye to sugary highs and lows. The complete range of B vitamins and plant-derived protein in Kids Good Stuff provides balanced, sustained energy for learning and playing. So skip the sugar and shake up a Kids Good Stuff multi-vitamin smoothie.

No Nasties

100%, allergy-friendly goodness

Free from gluten, dairy, soy and peanuts; no genetically modified ingredients (GMOs); no added sugar, nasty chemicals, artificial colours, preservatives or fillers. Just concentrated, real-food ingredients with a kid-sized multi-vitamin boost.